Take Care of Your Roof!

Sometimes people don’t think about having their roofs cleaned due to NOT knowing it CAN be cleaned. They get their houses washed and gutters cleaned, but they just don’t think about the roofs. Most of the roofs we clean just have black streaks on them, but we occasionally get a roof with moss (what you see here) and lichen. Moss and lichen can’t be removed the day your roof gets cleaned, unless someone is using pressure to remove the stuff. We like to set the clients’ expectations by letting them know this ahead of time. After we have cleaned the roof, the moss and lichen will be dead but not gone. After 2-3 good rains, it should be gone. If you have gutters, we will be sure to come back to clean those gutters where the moss and lichen were. We definitely look forward to taking care of this roof and making our clients happy!

Please, note that you shouldn’t let your roof get to this point. When you start seeing light black streaks, it’s time to have your roof cleaned. The rule of thumb for roof cleaning is roughly every 3 years. Having your roof cleaned every 3 years allows your shingles to work properly as they were designed. It also saves you that costly expense of replacing your roof early. Did we mention that it also keeps your roof looking new?!

Don’t forget that we ALWAYS offer a 3 year warranty! See any spots on your roof within 3 years of having it cleaned, and we clean those spots at no additional cost.

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