What Warranties and Guarantees Do You Offer?

RB Pressure Washing offers 100% satisfaction for all work completed. We guarantee happiness when we are finished with all projects. We are so confident in our work, you don't have to pay at time of completion. We understand that most homeowners can't just take the day off to watch clean their houses. Some people don't get home until after dark, so they can't walk around their homes the same day they were cleaned. For that reason, we will give you a few days to a week to look over the areas that were cleaned to make sure everything was done properly. The same goes for any commercial jobs RB Pressure Washing completes. 

We do offer a 3 year warranty for all roofs cleaned. If any striping or black spots appear on your roof within 3 years, we will clean those areas at no charge. Please, note that, although your roof will most likely still be clean a few years later, we do not offer the 3 year warranty on partial roof cleaning. The reason for this is the part of the roof that wasn't cleaned still has the algae on it, even though it's not visible. 

Please, keep the questions coming, and don't hesitate to ask anything, even if you think it's silly. 

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