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Are you looking to maintain your home’s condition or restore it to its original appearance? If you have noticed that your home exterior is looking old, dirty, and dull, you should hire us for all your Macon GA House Washing needs. Our service increases your home’s curb appeal and creates an excellent first impression for visitors, something that is beneficial if you are looking to sell the property. Soft washing will preserve the house’s structure and the areas surrounding it, such as the deck, patio, fence, and pool areas. We have access to professional-grade equipment and the best cleaning solutions in the market.

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Vinyl Siding

Our house washing is useful for a wide range of surfaces, including vinyl. Low-pressure washing provides long-lasting results in comparison to other cleaning methods. Your home is one of the biggest investments you make, and we treat it with all the attention and care it deserves. Our Macon GA house washing services remove all the dirt, grime, insect droppings, air pollution, and unwanted substances that could deteriorate your siding and make it look dull. RB pressure washing will extend the lifespan of your siding and restore its good condition. You won’t have to spend money on siding replacements for a long time.

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Brick house

Our company has the resources and experience to clean any surface. We will evaluate your brick siding and come up with the best cleaning solution. Brick surfaces usually benefit more from the soft-washing cleaning method. It can remove the grime and stains without damaging the surface. Not using the right pressure on your brick surface could destroy your brick siding, so you should only trust professionals who have enough experience and training to clean brick houses. Our company will treat your property like their own and achieve stunning results.

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Hardie Board

Hardie board siding is susceptible to dirt, grime, algae, moss, and a wide range of problems that could deteriorate the surface. Our house washing in Macon GA is committed to delivering the best cleaning solutions for Hardie board siding. Unlike outdated house washing methods, ours has zero risks of damaging your property. You will enjoy that satisfying feeling of knowing that your house is fresh and clean. Together we will prevent damage to your property and other expensive problems. Our team will deliver the best work using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and the latest innovative cleaning methods.

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Benefits Of Our House Washing In Macon GA

We have a wide range of Macon GA house washing options for all kinds of properties. Our soft-washing cleaning method is the best for delicate surfaces. It uses low-pressure water combined with non-toxic detergents to break down the dirt, grime, contaminant, and harmful substances. We get the job done with zero pressure and zero damage. We devote our time to creating effective and innovative cleaning solutions for our customers and make your house look as good on the exterior as it looks in the interior.

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Real House Washing Reviews From Happy Customers


House Washing In Macon GA

My house is 15 years old and had never been pressure washed before! I was honestly embarrassed for anyone to see it like it was. So, I gave RB pressure washing a call and boy am I glad I did!! Roman and his helper came out and were so professional! Never once made me feel bad about the messy house, and now it’s just as clean as it was 15 years ago! Seriously can’t believe how clean it came out! Now I’m excited for football season to invite everyone over I want them all to see it! So even if you have a messy house don’t feel bad let RB House Washing help you out!

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House Washing Macon GA

They were extremely professional and did a wonderful job on my parents' home. Their service was quick and painless. Looks like a brand new house! I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of House washing services!

Shalona Brown

House Washing Macon

I just bought a new home, my first actual home and when I got in touch with RB Pressure Washing after being referred by a friend. RB called me to set up an appointment time and was very flexible with my work schedule and although my work schedule changed and we had to set a new time, they were very patient and accommodating. The job that they have done was amazing and my house and driveway went from black to white and I my yard was cleaner when they left than what they started with. I am a very satisfied customer and I would recommend this House Washing company to anyone and I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Thank you RB for all of your hard work and the end result was well worth it!

Dayna White

Frequently Asked Macon
House Washing Questions

Pressure washing is not bad for your home if you know how to properly use the right amount of pressure according to the surface that needs cleaning. When it comes to cleaning your home’s sidings, soft washing is the only appropriate method to ensure no damage occurs. Our team carefully evaluates your property and decides which is going to be the best cleaning solution. Always trust professionals and never let people in your house who don’t have the resources and experience to pressure wash your home.

Our services for house washing in Macon GA consists of low-pressure washing,  also known as soft washing. We combine the use of low-pressure water with powerful cleaning products that will strip all the contaminants from your home’s siding. This method is completely safe and effective for cleaning your property.

We recommend having your house soft washed at least once a year. When you wash your home annually, it will protect your property from external aggressions and keep it in good condition. In some cases, you may need to clean it twice a year. Our team will evaluate your property and assist you with tailored advice so your house looks clean all year round.

Our prices for house washing will depend on the areas that we need to clean and the size of your property. In order to guarantee the best pricing, we don’t provide flat rates. However, we do provide free estimates, contact us now for your speedy and personalized quote!

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